Red Bull is known for supporting some of the world's top athletes. Apart from having an unmistakable presence in the world of Formula 1, MotoGP, and many other motorsports, the energy drink also supports athletes in the fields of cycling, skateboarding, and even sailing.

Indeed, Red Bull's eye-catching designs and instantly recognizable colors make for quite the attractive bit of kit, as such, it's no surprise that pretty much anything with a Red Bull logo commands quite a premium. Speaking of sports, the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team in the field of competitive sailing recently teamed up with e-bike brand Stromer, with the Swiss brand designated as the official bike brand of the Swiss sailing team. Along with that partnership comes a limited-edition e-bike called the ST7 ARBR – with the acronyms spelling out Alinghi Red Bull Racing. 

Check Out The Fancy Stromer ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing E-Bike

The new e-bike is built atop Stromer's tried and tested aluminum Sports frame, and is designed as a sporty commuter e-bike for the city. It's packing quite a lot of performance, and hopes to do justice to the Red Bull logo emblazoned on the bike. On top of that, it's finished in the team's official Racing Blue colorway, and even has the Alinghi Red Bull Racing logo laser-engraved on the frame's top tube. Lucky buyers are even treated to a special leather carrier bag with the team's logo. 

On the performance side of the equation, the ST7 ARBR is powered by Stromer's top-of-the-line motor. It's called the Syno II Sport, and it's a powerful rear hub motor with a max output of 750 watts and 52 Newton-meters of torque. It's capable of propelling the bike to an assisted top speed of 28 miles per hour, and even has a Sport mode for extra power. To supply this punchy motor with juice, the bike gets a BQ1440, 48-volt, 1,440-watt-hour battery pack, the most powerful battery in Stromer's arsenal. This setup gives the bike an impressive range of 110 miles in between chargers. 

Check Out The Fancy Stromer ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing E-Bike

Complementing the impressive electronics is a sleek and user-friendly Pinion C1.12 Smart electronic transmission. The 12-speed gearbox offers convenient shifting, allowing riders to change gears even when at a stop. Final drive consists of a silent and low-maintenance Gates Carbon Belt Drive, which helps keep the bike look super sleek and refined. The Stromer ST7 ARBR rolls on 27.5-inch wheels from renowned manufacturer DT Swiss, shod in Pirelli Angel ST Sport tires. Lastly, the bike comes to a stop with fancy TPR four-psiton hydraulic brakes with 203-millimeter rotors complemented by a Blubrake ABS setup at the front. 

Stromer also throws in a bunch of tech features into the ST7, such as Supernova front and rear lights complete with a daytime running light, high beam, and brake light. Of course, there's smartphone integration via Stromer's OMNI app, allowing users to access features such as realtime location, OTA updates, and proximity locking and unlocking. It also allows you to customize your settings on the fly, as well as keep track of important ride information. 

Now, you may be thinking that an electric bicycle of this caliber would command quite a premium, and indeed, you'd be right. The Stromer ST7 ARBRwill set you back a whopping $13,999 USD for the base model. The bike is expected to be made available towards the tail end of June, 2023.

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