Now more than ever, people are embracing the two-wheeled lifestyle for daily mobility. It’s easy to see why, as bikes are extremely convenient in the urban setting, and not to mention, are good for your health and wellbeing, as well. With electric bicycles more optimized for practicality and convenience than ever before, there’s no time like the present to make the two-wheeled shift.

Take, for example, Canadian bike manufacturer Devinci, and its two new urban electric bicycles. Dubbed the E-Griffin and E-Cartier, both bikes are designed to tackle the urban jungle, and feature the same technology and components. According to Devinci, the new E-Cartier and E-Griffin are the brand’s answer to the rapidly growing urban and leisure e-bike segment. Both bikes are designed and assembled in Canada.

Canadian E-Bike Specialist Devinci Launches Two New Urban E-Bikes

In terms of technology, both the Devinci E-Griffin and E-Cartier are equipped with the Shimano EP801 e-bike system. Being Shimano’s most powerful e-bike motor, the EP801 is more than capable of providing the necessary boost to carry you and your belongings across the treacherous urban jungle. On top of that, the bikes are equipped with a 725-watt-hour battery pack that’s rocking the most modern 21700 cell technology. On top of all that, the bikes feature an integrated display that keeps the rider informed, and gives them access to a breadth of customizable settings. Last but not least, front and rear LED lights come as standard.

Both bikes are pretty well-equipped to handle both paved and unpaved roads, thanks to the integration of a front suspension fork and dropper seat post. With 100 millimeters of front suspension travel, the bikes offer similar suspension performance as a cross-country mountain bike. Meanwhile, apart from giving the bikes some off-road capability, the dropper post allows riders to instantly lower the seat as they come to a stop.


Now, you may be wondering: what’s the difference between the two bikes? In essence, the difference lies in the frame. The E-Cartier is much sportier, and features a step-over frame with a straight top-tube. This makes it ideal for sporty riders looking for the feel of a mountain bike, but with the practicality of an urban bike. Meanwhile, the E-Griffin is much more relaxed, and comes in two versions – a step-through and step-over frame. Even in its step-over configuration, though, it’s much more relaxed than the E-Cartier, thanks to its sloping top-tube.

Other than that, both models feature the same tire sizes, capable of fitting wheels as big as 29 x 2.4 inches. Creature comforts include full coverage fenders, and a rear rack for carrying your daily essentials. The bikes come to a confident stop with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, too.

Canadian E-Bike Specialist Devinci Launches Two New Urban E-Bikes
Canadian E-Bike Specialist Devinci Launches Two New Urban E-Bikes

When it comes to pricing and availability, the E-Cartier is offered in both 10 and nine speed configurations, and is priced at $4,399 USD and $3,799 USD, respectively. The E-Griffin, too, is offered in 10 and nine-speed setups, with the price beng the same regardless of whether you opt for the step-through or step-over frame.

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